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Premier sac à dos Motard
Ajouter des lames
Braver la force de l'impact
Withstanding the force of impact
Light and robust, the innovative protective shell designed by Erode is a motorcyclist's best weapon against the dangers of the open road. If a motorcycle accident should happen, this veritable shield can protect the second most vulnerable part of your body after your head: your spinal column.
Canaliser l'énergie
Channeling the energy
The dorsal plates, integrated directly into the fabric, absorb and disperse the residual energy of the impact so the motorcyclist doesn't have to. Perfectly integrated with the protective shell, they join together to form a synergy that guarantees protective performance and exceeds your expectations of comfort.
Simplifier son quotidien
Simplifying daily life
On a motorcycle or on foot, the Erode backpack is an indispensable ally. In order to meet the needs of different lifestyles and make life easier both before and after your trip, the inside of the backpack reveals a removable and customizable carrier bag.
Savourer l'instant
Savoring the moment
Comfort is a prerequisite of safety. It grants you the serenity and control you need to enjoy your ride. Because the Erode backpack becomes one with the motorcycle, it keeps a low profile without ever abandoning its principal role of accompanying it wherever it goes.